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We manufacture, supply, and export a wide range of deep kadhai with SS lid/glass lid in India. This Hichef Deep Kadhai is made up of a non-stick coating interior which ensures minimal oil usage. As this deep kadhai is non-stick, cleaning it is very easy. We use the highest quality materials for manufacturing all our offered kitchenware items; thus, these products are free from harmful chemicals and PFOA. This deep kadhai is appropriate for making gravies, frying, and sauteing.

These products come with durable granite finish coating which is way better than cheap coatings that peel off quickly. It does not lose its efficacy after several uses. The non-stick layer of this deep kadhai prevents food from sticking to the interior surface. One of the best elements of this deep kadhai is that it is appropriate for both induction cooktops and gas stoves which make it adaptable for diverse kitchen setups, such as contemporary kitchens and modern kitchens.

Minimum Order Quantity:  50 pieces

Non Stick Kadhai Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Size MRP (inc. GST) Master Case
10-180 mm 769/-
11-200 mm 669/- 36
12-220 mm 959/- 36
13-240 mm 11191- 24
14-260 mm 1249/- 24
15-280 mm 1339/- 24
16-300 mm 1469/- 24
Warranty Instructions

Warranty of 365 Days

Note : This warranty does not cover staining, discoloration, misuse, or scratching of the non-stick interior and painted exterior

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